Otis, Chris Simmons Band


Chris Simmons Band

Wed · November 14, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

$6.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

Vibe, Blues, Blues-Rock,SouthernRoots from Kentucky

Deep in South Central Kentucky, roots music is alive and well through native musicians, who are still testifying to the brothers and sisters all around the world. OTIS reigns from Sulphur Well, Kentucky, an area that got its name from a artesian well that was discovered in the 1800's, and drew people from all around who believed the water had a special healing power. Just as the waters from the artesian well was believed to heal, the local music has a special mojo and healing power of it's own. As an old saying goes amongst natives in the area, when Kentucky heritage music is talked about, "There is something in the water around here." Kentucky is well known for Bluegrass and Mountain Folk Music, Country Music, Jugband Music, and a heavy influence of Blues. Kentucky, being located between the Delta Blues of Mississippi and the Electric Blues of Chicago, has a special blend of Blues of it's own, courtesy of Merle Travis, Ike Everly, Mose Ragar, John Brim, Sylvester Weaver and the Father of Bluegrass Music, Bill Monroe. Otis has taken in a steady diet of Kentucky roots music, primarily Blues, and cooked up their own special Musical Burgoo. Drawing from the raw electric blues sounds of Muddy Waters and King of Slide guitar, Elmore James, following a heavy influence of Southern roots sounds, courtesy of the Allman Brothers and Wet Willie, vastly sums up who Otis are musically and gives a glimpse into the sound and soul of the four-piece band.
The members of Otis consist of Boone Froggett vocals/guitar, Steve Jewell guitar/backing vocals, John Seeley bass/lead bass, and Andrew Gilpin drums/percussion. All the members of Otis share the same vision of writing and creating organic tasteful music while taking their audience to church by hitting on all emotions. If a stage filled of vintage music gear and Kentucky roots music is something you enjoy, then it's time to drink from the healing waters of Otis.
Otis has recently finished a 10 song album that their looking to put out, tentatively titled "Tribute To John Brim," produced by Greg Martin (Kentucky HeadHunters, Rufus Huff), Dean Smith (Supa Fuzz, Taildragger, Rufus Huff) and David Barrick. All 10 songs were written by the late great Kentucky Bluesman, John Brim. Brim left a Chicago Blues legacy via his recordings for the Random, J.O.B, Parrot, Chess and Checker labels. Van Halen brought John Brim prominence through their recording of "Ice Cream Man," written by Brim in 1953. 'Tribute To John Brim" features cameo performances by Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie on Harmonica and Kentucky Greg Martin on Guitar. The CD is slated to be released in the upcoming months.
Get ready for church brothers and sisters, the Otis electric Rock N' Blues revival is coming to a town near you soon!...
Chris Simmons Band
Chris Simmons Band
Rock N Roll, Southern Soul, and Electric Blues from North Alabama

You want real American music.
American Rock n Roll, slow-smoked with Blues
and Soul, was born and nurtured in the South.
Chris Simmons and his band grew up and out of that heritage in North Alabama.

Songs and music, all from the heart...
Serviced with Dynamic Drivin' drums(Mikey D Williams),
Booming Velvet bass (Brad Baker),
Sweet Stingin' guitar pickin' and slidin' ...and Soul Singin' harmonies.
No new fangled electronic tricks here.

"You don't just hear it, it comes in through your soul."
There's power in the blood from this trio of homegrown southern gentlemen.
No certain style or rules..
you just know it's ROCK N ROLL and it's good music that means something
...and you know it because you can feel it.

The Chris Simmons Band is real music for real folks. So if you ain't real...
This ain't for you... Just stand back and try to move away slowly.
Venue Information:
The Nick
2514 10th Ave S
Birmingham, AL, 35205