The Ghost of Paul Revere, Steel City Jug Slammers

The Ghost of Paul Revere

Steel City Jug Slammers

Thu · October 4, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10.00 - $13.00

This event is 21 and over

The Ghost of Paul Revere
The Ghost of Paul Revere
Holler-Folk & Stomp from Buxton, ME

"We grew up listening to Radiohead and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd," says Griffin Sherry, guitarist/singer in The Ghost Of Paul Revere. "Everyone assumed we were a bluegrass band because we were playing these traditional instruments, but we weren’t writing traditional music. We were just writing songs with the instruments we had."

The result is a sound that the Portland, Maine-based band describes as "holler folk," not because it involves a lot of hollering, per se, but because it invokes the rich communal tradition of field hollers, with their call-and-response melodies, sing-along hooks, and densely layered harmonies. That sense of musical camaraderie is essential to everything The Ghost of Paul Revere does, and nowhere is it more evident than their sophomore album, ''Monarch.'
Steel City Jug Slammers
Steel City Jug Slammers
Jug Band, Blues, Folk. from Birmingham AL

Steel City Jug Slammers is an American Jug Band originally formed by Nicholas Bate when he brought the concept to Jerrod Atkins and began to perform. After a long history of working and traveling as a band (and a few line up changes), the Jug Slammers are now- Jacob Mathews, Steven Bate, Nicholas Bate, and Derek Stack.
Venue Information:
The Nick
2514 10th Ave S
Birmingham, AL, 35205