Liz Brasher, Timber

Liz Brasher


Thu · May 3, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Liz Brasher
Liz Brasher
Rock / Rhythm & Blues Singer Songwriter from Memphis TN

Born in Matthews, North Carolina near Charlotte, Brasher was raised among a family of singers performing in the Baptist Church – albeit one with a twist. “My family is from the Dominican Republic so it was an all-Spanish congregation, much different than you would imagine a white Southern Baptist church to be,” she says “I’m first generation, so we only speak Spanish to one another. What that did was force me to be diverse in every realm. That varied background translated into my influences and how I write,” says Brasher, who came up studying the powerful spirituals of Mahalia Jackson and the close harmonies of Lennon and McCartney. She got her showbiz start appearing with her family on local televangelist programs, then fronted a series of rock bands in high school. But Brasher found her true creative direction when she moved away to college in Chicago and began studying the roots of American music. Brasher went directly to the source devouring the earliest Delta Blues sides: Geeshie Wiley, Elvie Thomas, Son House, Leadbelly. “And, in a way, that led to Bob Dylan, because Dylan took from all those people,” she says. “I fell in love with Dylan and the way he was able to write pure folk songs – songs for the people.” She soon picked up a guitar and began teaching herself how to play. “What happened was my own songs started flowing out, and they kept coming every single day.” Her material was imbued with the elemental beauty of the Staple Singers’ earliest work. “Pops Staples played these really singular guitar riffs and wrote songs based on that,” she says. “I wasn’t the best guitar player but I knew what he was doing was simple enough to sing and write around. So I started to imitate that.” Evolving her brand of spiritual soul, she found sustenance and further direction in the discographies of great Southern labels like Stax, Fame and Goldwax.
Singer Songwriters from Birmingham AL

Janet Simpson-Templin, Will Stewart

Timber is a collaboration between Janet Simpson and Will Stewart — two veteran musicians who came together in that most natural of ways: In a pinch.

Stewart, an Alabama native currently based in Nashville along with the rest of the band, Willie and the Giant, was working on his Coosa EP when it was suggested that Simpson — a multi-faceted, Birmingham, Alabama based musician known for her work in Wooden Wand, Delicate Cutters, and Teen Getaway — to lend her talents to the proceedings. Pressed for time, Simpson came to the studio that day, spent an hour adding keys and her sumptuous voice to a few of Stewart’s songs, and left to catch a plane for a European tour with Wooden Wand.

Last summer, out of the blue, Stewart e-mailed Simpson about writing together. Impressed by Stewart’s melodic gifts and easy demeanor, Simpson accepted the offer. Soon they began trading songs via e-mail, giving each other notes along the way. Once a small batch of similarly-themed compositions made itself apparent, the two met at 2734 Central Recording Studio in Birmingham, AL — working, once again, with producer Lester Nuby — to record their self-titled debut.

Though the two had been exchanging songs online, Simpson and Stewart did not know much about each other, much less how to go about recording their new compositions. Over coffee they talked about productions they were currently enamored with, including albums by Teenage Fanclub, Yo La Tengo, D’Angelo, and Neil Young — particularly After The Gold Rush. Caffeinated and invigorated, the two began crafting the album — splitting the instrumental duties, keeping things simple, and embracing spontaneous moments. Per Stewart’s suggestion, they drafted Nashville musician Scott Murray to add pedal steel, utilizing the instrument’s gorgeous washes of sound for atmosphere rather than staid, Americana twang.

After releasing their self-titled EP in in late 2015, Timber are set to release the single "Sunstroke" on November 19th. "Sunstroke" is a composition that is sonically lush with meditative lyrics; invoking hazy imagery that coaxes the listener to join in on the gauzy daydream. Timber issues the warning, "Got to get you outta my head / before it's too late" - leaving an open-ended sense of anxiety, which culminates in a frenetic guitar break to end the song with a cathartic release. Timber are currently working to finalize their debut full-length album, which is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2017.
Venue Information:
The Nick
2514 10th Ave S
Birmingham, AL, 35205